Meditations for Bones and No-Bones Days


If you use Tik Tok, and even if you don’t, you probably know Noodle the pug dog.

Noodle is the most famous pug in the world, and he has the gift of divination. Each day he reports with great precision, the expected quality of the day ahead. If he holds himself upright when awakened by Jonathan Graziano, his loving owner, it’s a Bones Day; if he collapses gently back into his soft, fluffy bed it’s a No Bones Day.

Noodle is adorable and I laugh out loud each time I see him happily succumb to the pull of gravity and flop back into his bed, calling for yet another No Bones Day.

When Noodle is having a Bones Day, he sits strong, ready to start his day.

Feeling Great Good Day GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Noodle the pug on a Bones Day (@jongraz)

Jonathan says that if Noodle has a Bones Day, it is a good day to treat yourself to something special. Why not treat yourself to a meditation that will make the most of the wakefulness and energy that Noodle is sending out into the world?

If it’s a Bones Day, select a meditation position that allows you to sit tall, with alertness and ease. Then use our gatha meditation for 10 minutes or more. The gatha will help you focus your attention and anchor your awareness in the present moment. You’ll be ready to make the most of your Bones Day once you are grounded and focused.

When Noodle is having a No Bones Day, his energy is low.

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Noodle on a No Bones Day (@jongraz)

Jonathan says that if Noodle has a No Bones Day, it is a good day for some self-care. I couldn’t agree more. If you are having a No Bones, low energy day, then you have two options for your mindfulness practice. 

You could stretch out on the bed, and belly breathe for 10 minutes or so. Belly breathing is a great practice for focusing your mind and calming your nervous system. It can help you rest and sleep when you need to. 

If you’d rather get moving, then a mindfulness practice that will raise your energy and help you feel engaged in your day is needed. 

This is a great time to use dynamic breathing! Put on some music and just go for it.

When the song ends, spend a minute or so noticing with kind curiosity all the sensations you feel in your body. Has your energy level changed? Maybe it’s a Bones Day after all.

Bones or No Bones, every day is a great day to practice mindfulness, because every day is unique and precious. Remember, this is your life! Don’t miss it!

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