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Thanks-Growing: a Free Guided Meditation on Gratitude

Free Guided Meditation: Thanks-Growing Meditation

In honor of this week of Thanksgiving and to help you practice gratitude, I created a free guided meditation: Thanks-Growing Meditation. This free guided meditation is an opportunity to re-balance your awareness, to counteract your mind’s natural tendency to over-focus on the problems or difficulties in your life.

Anger and Hatred: Why Hold Onto That Hot Coal?

Hatred does not cease by hatred. By kindness only is hatred healed.

Tired of all the Anger and Hatred? What would you do if you had a hot coal in your hand and you could feel it burning your flesh? You'd drop it, right? You can learn to do the same thing with emotions that burn, like anger and hatred. This week in the pause we will explore how to free yourself from the pain of anger and hatred.

The Mindful Twenty Something by Holly Rogers
“Wise, but not obscure. Practical, but lighthearted and inspiring.”

— MIRABAI BUSH, co-founder and Senior Fellow of The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society

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